White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers Wows The Creative Coalition

The guest of honor at the Creative Coalition’s Membership Meeting on Thursday, June 18, at the HBO terrace was White House social secretary Desiree Rogers. Actor-socialite Matthew Modine stopped by but split after the first five minutes, as did Creative Coalition co-president Tony Goldwyn (“he had to be somewhere,” explained co-president Tim Daly).

Mr. Daly explained the main goals of the Creative Coalition: inspiring children and keeping the arts in schools. “One of the dirty little secrets is that we’re approaching a one-third high school dropout rate in this country,” he said. “Which means that in a generation we could have a hundred million undereducated people. There’s also a lot of research that suggests that kids who study arts are one-third more likely to graduate from high school. If you’re going to create whole human beings, it’s time for us to embrace … the arts.” Hear, hear!

Actress Dana Delaney moderated a forum with Ms. Rogers, who spoke about the White House becoming the people’s house, and its role in inspiring students and children. “I’ve never done this before,” Ms. Delany exclaimed beforehand.

The adorable Desperate Housewife also talked about the first lady’s style, saying, “I personally am excited that Michelle Obama wears J. Crew ‘cause I’m a J.Crew addict.”

Of Ms. Rogers, Ms. Delaney added: “She’s … so brilliant, and yet so accessible. She’s like your girlfriend! You just want to hang out with her!” And her style? “Extremely chic.” Ms. Delaney’s YSL dress matched Ms. Rogers’ red and black ensemble. “Don’t you think we’re very well coordinated?” the moderator asked the audience. Later, she exulted: “I’m just happy to see sexy back in the White House.”

“She’s very lovely and friendly, and so chic!” designer Nanette Lepore, dressed in her own Sunny Day Shift frock, marveled of Ms. Rogers.

“I haven’t had this feeling since I went to the inauguration,” Ms. Lepore added. “It’s this whole excitement over … the world of art and politics merging.”

After the Q&A, director George C. Wolfe rushed up to Ms. Rogers, as did Real World: Brooklyn’s Devyn Simone. “You have to be nice to me,” Ms. Rogers, a descendent of voodoo queen Marie Laveau Glapion, warned guests. “I can put a spell on you!”




  White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers Wows The Creative Coalition