See the best 50 movie trailers of all time

Isn’t part of the magic of going to the movies the great fun in watching the previews? IFC surely agrees, as they’ve pored through the archives to compile the 50 Greatest Trailers of All Time.

It’s a smart and interesting selection, with trailers judged on how they “most effectively combine art and commerce, and that sell and entertain with skill.” There are plenty of classics and Oscar winners —Citizen Kane(#6), Night of the Iguana (#50), Schindler’s List (#24) — but funnily enough, it’s the movies that didn’t necessarily become critical or audience hits that often boast the best teasers (Unbreakable comes in at #19). Watching Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise get up to no good, set to Chris Isaak’s “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing,” in the trailer for Eyes Wide Shut (#43), or Alfred Hitchcock himself giving a tour of the Bates motel for Psycho (#2), not only makes you appreciate these minutes-long cinematic works of art, it might also send you to update your Netflix queue.

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