A Bloomberg-Palin Pitch

Tony Avella is trying to raise money for his slightly less invisible mayoral campaign by fund-raising off two widely noted news stories: a city policy of flying homeless families to be reunited with relatives, and Sarah Palin’s resignation.

Here’s the Avella campaign email that just went out, which, if nothing else, is … different.

Dear ###,

Mayor Bloomberg has been at it again. In dealing with the serious issue of homelessness in our city, Mike has decided not to deal with it at all. He has been taking your tax dollars to buy homeless New Yorkers one-way tickets out of town instead of trying to find a real solution. That’s not leadership … that’s just lazy.

If you would like to give Mr. Bloomberg a taste of his own medicine, you can help us send him packing as well. We have a fundraising goal of $150,000. If you help us reach that total, we’ll do two things right away.

1. We’ll make a contribution to a homeless shelter to help alleviate some of the issues they are dealing with.

2. We’ll buy Mike a one-way ticket to Alaska.

Can you make a contribution today and send Mike packing?

####, you may be asking yourself, “Why Alaska?” Well, with Sarah Palin quitting her job as Governor, and with Mike basically quitting his job since he is afraid of making tough decisions, we thought they may have a lot in common. So make a contribution today and we will purchase and hand-deliver a plane ticket to Alaska to Mayor Bloobmberg as soon as we reach our goal.

A Bloomberg-Palin Pitch