Another Conservative for McHugh’s Seat

ALBANY—I got a press release earlier today from Baghdad, announcing another person hoping to get into the race, on the Conservative line, to replace John McHugh in Congress.

John Alvarez quotes this newspaper article in identifying himself as a "locally famous conservative." The highlight reel presented is pretty good, but my favorite is that Alvarez "ran a contest to build a papier-mache pig out of the Quran."
Alvarez, a real estate broker from Hannibal, joined the Army reserve and was deployed last year to Iraq. His press release speaks of ending "the costly and ineffective welfare diplomacy that is foreign aid," auditing the Federal Reserve System and "closely" examining whether we should put the country back on the gold or silver standard.

"The unprecedented encroachment of the Federal government into the lives of its citizens must be addressed, as well as the irresponsible behavior of elected officials in Washington, D.C trusted with responsible oversight of the expenditure of our tax dollars," Alvarez said in the release. "This disconnect with the citizenry of our great country serves to illustrate the need for a new, common-sense approach to governance in America today, not more of the same from career politicians and lawyers responsible for the crisis we currently face."

Conservative party leaders have said they are reluctant to back Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava, the Republican designee, because of her support for same-sex marriage and pro-choice stances. Jim Kelly, a political operative who lives in the district, has also said he is seeking the Conservative line.

Democrats have yet to name a candidate for the race, and a special election to replace McHugh has not been called.

Another Conservative for McHugh’s Seat