‘Any Guarantee You Won’t Run Again?’

I never quite found a way to ask the question that NY1’s Josh Robin managed to put to Michael Bloomberg today, during the off-topic part of the mayor’s Q&A:

Robin: “Is there a guarantee that you’re not going to run after, presumably, you win this time?”

Bloomberg: “The law does not permit it.”

Robin: “It didn’t permit it previously, though.”

Bloomberg: “But it does now, and it’s only three terms. I don’t know. Talk to your City Council. Let me point out that I had no intention of running for a second term until near the end, as you know. The Council changed the law. I’m going to run. It’s up to the voters whether they want four more years, I’m going to work as hard as I can for this city for the next 150-odd days and campaign as hard as I can for the next 96 or 97-odd days. And if the public wants me to keep working, they will have a chance to express that on November 3rd.”

For what it’s worth, there doesn’t seem to be much opposition to a fourth term in this answer.

UPDATE: An aide to Bloomberg said the mayor has previously spoken out against the idea of running for a fourth term and has not changed his position on that issue.

‘Any Guarantee You Won’t Run Again?’