Audio of Quinn-Bashing at Thompson Event

Here’s audio from the Bill Thompson event that Maggie Haberman reported on this morning.

It was provided to me by the Bloomberg campaign, which, it seems, is doing a good job of following Thompson at public events, and clearly hopes this will turn out to be something of a Suha Arafat moment for Thompson.

Toward the end of the two-minute clip, you hear small-business owner Sean Kavanagh-Dowsett refer to Quinn by saying, “She’s a whore and you can quote me on that.” He also says, “I’ll call her a whore and I’ll drop my pants and she can kiss my ass.”

UPDATE: Now Wolfson wants video.

UPDATE: When asked if she’d like an apology from Thompson, Quinn’s legislative spokespeople declined to comment.

Audio of Quinn-Bashing at Thompson Event