Aunt Mabel Suggests…

Ever notice that the most-emailed list is slanted toward an older demographic? Maybe because only folks over a certain age—like our Aunt Mabel—still use the email tool. Here’s a quick, annotated guide to what Grandma and Grandpa thought you might be interested in from …

1. Notice how those city streets feel emptier by the day? Even when it’s a Thursday? August has somehow settled upon us early, but now we know where everyone is! Some combination of eating/cooking/emailing Bittman’s recipes.

2. And Dowd stays strong! First time in Mabel history that No. 1 and No. 2 hold for two straight days.

3. Just read the headline.

4. O.K., definitely just read the headline.

5. Don’t put on your trunks before you pack your Purell!

6. Take your cues from the Dalai Lama.

7. We hear you loud and clear, Auntie: We’re going to the High Line. Eventually.

8. Jill’s puppy.

9. We actually loved this story! We lived without A/C our entire childhood and, sure, it’s a bit unpleasant but you can survive. Cold rags. Fans. Windows open all the way (don’t forget the screen–bugs and stuff get in). Just don’t spend the daytime at home.

10. Recently a friend of ours, who lives in New Jersey, was mocking the “clowns” up in the NY State Senate. “And people think New Jersey’s bad,” he said, repeatedly over those few weeks. Well, yes, it is bad. Quite bad!

Today’s Tally:
Columnists: 1
Technology: 1
Managing Editors Writing About Pets: 1
Travel: 1
Food: 1
Health: 1
New York: 1
Jersey: 1
Op-ed Contributor: 1
Home & Garden: 1

Overall Tally:
Columnists: 65
Health: 51
Food: 18
Travel: 17
Technology: 17
Money: 14
Op-Ed Contributors: 14
Managing Editors Writing About Pets: 3 Aunt Mabel Suggests…