Bastille Day Bistros on

In our last installment of Michelin reviews, we brought you suggestions for some recession-friendly city eateries that were cheap enough to be rated with pictures of coins rather than dollars. Since Tuesday is Bastille Day (and seeing as how the originally French guide is best known for making and breaking the reputations of fancy French chefs), here’s a list, in no particular order, of 10 French restaurants throughout the five boroughs. Just click the links to read the reviews, or you can find Michelin’s complete online directory of French food joints here.

1. Bar Boulud, Upper West Side, Manhattan

2. Artisanal, Murray Hill, Manhattan

3. Capsouto Freres, Tribeca, Manhattan

4. Quatorze Bis, Upper East Side, Manhattan

5. Jolie, Downtown Brooklyn

6. Le Petit Marche, Brooklyn Heights

7. Seven One Eight, Queens

8. Parigot, Chinatown, Manhattan

9. Le Refuge Inn, The Bronx

10. Zest, Staten Island


Bastille Day Bistros on