Bloomberg Gets the Lefty Endorsement

Dr. bidi Xili, the “lunatic” who got $5,000 in member item money from Darlene Mealy, was outside City Hall yesterday, handing out literature in support of her.

I chatted with him and asked if he’s supporting anyone for mayor. Indeed, he is.

Michael Bloomberg!


Because Bloomberg is left-handed.

In the paper he was handing out, it said to re-elect “MY Regal(RoYal) Council-LadY” Mealy, along with Marty Markowitz and Bloomberg, because “These Miracle-Left-directions-Politicians were slected by Our – heavnLY Supreme-Father” and were “born to write with their LEFT-hands.”

The hand-out goes on to say that Bloomberg “can be seen in the daily NewsPaPER on page two dated MondaY the 18th of May 2009, with his LeFT-hand over his RighT-hand.”

So, there you go.

Bloomberg Gets the Lefty Endorsement