Bloomberg Sees a Silver Lining in Denied Funding

Michael Bloomberg said it’s “frustrating” but also a “compliment” that the city is not getting federal funding it sought in order to pay for as many as 200 police officers, since lawmakers in Washington think the city is safe and its economy is rebounding.

“I’ve always said my first priority is to do what is necessary to keep the people of New York safe. And then I will go and figure out how to pay for it,” Bloomberg told reporters at a press conference inside school on 119th Street where he unveiled new Spanish-language programming for children.

“It is frustrating,” Bloomberg said of the situation. He went on to say, “In some senses it’s a compliment we got left out. It’s not a compliment that I like the results of but I do like the recognition that we are doing well.”

Bloomberg said he would make sure New Yorkers have an adequate size police force, irrespective of funding revenue.

“In the grand scheme of things, we’re just going to have to make choices and move people around. And we will keep a police force the size we think is necessary to protect the public and no bigger. We can’t afford anything bigger than that.”

Bloomberg Sees a Silver Lining in Denied Funding