Bloomberg to U.S. Senators: You Won’t Be Able to Hide on This Gun Amendment

Michael Bloomberg just led a conference call where he and other mayors from across the country urged the Senate to vote down bill that includes the Thune Amendment, which will allow a gun-owner traveling between state lines to be protected by their home state’s gun laws.

“It is a terrible piece of legislation,” said Bloomberg, and the only way it would pass is if senators who support it are “holding your nose and praying nobody sees you doing it.”

Also on the call were the mayors from Philadelphia and Milwaukee, who are both Democrats, and the mayor of Jacksonville, a Republican.

Bloomberg was asked what message he’d have for senators who are on the fence over this issue, and for Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader who, according to one reporter on the line, may support the bill.

Bloomberg said he hadn’t spoken to Reid about it and explained, “What you say is you’re not going to be able to hide what your vote is and this is just so anti-police, anti-public safety legislation, you will be held accountable by the voters.”

The group ran a full-page ad in USA Today.

Bloomberg said that there had been no public hearings on the amendment, and said it was being attached to a military spending bill, providing senators an excuse to vote for it. Bloomberg said if the amendment stood alone, it would not pass, and that “the hypocrisy of tying it to the safety of our young men and women who are overseas is just so outrageous.” Bloomberg to U.S. Senators: You Won’t Be Able to Hide on This Gun Amendment