Cantor’s new mission in Middle East won’t hinder run for council, says Hornik

MARLBORO- Although Councilman Jeff Cantor submitted a letter to the chairof the local Democratic Committeedetailing his redeployment to the Middle East during an election year, Mayor Jon Hornik wants Cantor to remain on the ticket.

"I have spoken to our party chairman and we want to run Jeff anyway," said Hornik. "He can attend meetings via the Internet. I don't think he should penalized for serving our country."

An Iraq War veteran who ran unsuccessfully for Monmouth County Freeholder in 2007, Cantor told the Township Council on Thursday night thathe has been redeployed, this time to Afghanistan.

"This is my last council meeting until next year," said Cantor, who changed parties from Republican to Democrat to run for re-election with Mayor Hornik's team this year.

"It's hard to leave my family, my friends, and my town," said the councilman boundfor his Airborne unit.

Cantor and Hornik have grown closeover the last two years. Their styles complement each other, as the mayor thrives on working a room, whileCantor, a volunteer emergency medical technician,is more reserved and finds the self-promotion side of politics difficult.

"It's tough to see you go," Hornik told Cantor. "I don't know how many people know what you do for this town. It doesn't surprise me that our military needs you, for it seems the most talented people are always asked to do more.

"While we respect your request (to be removed as a council candidate), there is nobody I would let run but you," Hornik added. "We'll take care of things here, you take care of things over there, and we'll get you back as soon as we can. Good luck." Cantor’s new mission in Middle East won’t hinder run for council, says Hornik