Christie on corruption busts

Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie, who was U.S. Attorney during much of the investigation that culminated in today's arrests, talked about the corruption busts during a campaign stop in West New York today.

Below are his remarks:

“This is obviously just another really tragic day for the people of New Jersey. Over the last seven years, I worked extraordinarily hard along with the career professionals at the U.S. Attorney’s office at the FBI to combat the culture of corruption in this state, and unfortunately today is another example that there is much work to be done.

It’s a bad day for the citizens when they are once again disappointed by their public officials. But the fact of the matter is we should all feel gratified about the fact that we have career prosecutors at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and career professionals at the FBI and the IRS who remain vigilant about doing their job, and doing it the best and most professional way they can.

I’m also gratified now as one of the reformers, as is my running mate, and as a citizen of the state that they’re still there, they’re still doing their work, and in that sense people can still have faith and hope in this state that justice will be done."

Below are Christie's official remarks, sent via press release:

"Now more than ever, New Jersey needs elected officials who are committed to honesty, integrity and a higher standard of ethics. Assemblyman Van Pelt has failed the people he was elected to serve and has violated their trust. He has no other choice but to resign immediately and allow the people of Ocean County to elect an official who will put the people before personal self-interest." Christie on corruption busts