Christie: ‘Thank you, Governor Corzine’

Upon hearing that the state faces a projected $8 billion budget deficit next year, Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie said that his opponent, Jon Corzine, should drop out of the race.

“Eight billion dollars? I’ve got four words to say to that: Thank you, Governor Corzine. Thank you for your irresponsible management of the state. Thank you for bringing your Wall Street values to government,” said Christie, who said he heard earlier estimates of anywhere from $7 to $10 billion. "He should stand up in Washington DC and say out of shame ‘I’m not going to seek reelection.’”

Corzine is in Washington today to testify about clean energy in front of the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

The deficit numbers were announced today in a memo written by the Office of Legislative Services to Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, Jr.

“I am angry about this, because he gave us a whole song and dance about how he was responsibly managing New Jersey’s budget,” said Christie.

The Corzine campaing shot back at Christie by noting that his plan to cut state government has largely been free of specifics.

"This is laughable coming from someone that has proudly talked about how he has no answers as a campaign strategy," said Corzine Communications Director Sean Darcy. "Christie's various proposals would blow a hole in the state budget and his refusal to accept $2 billion in federal funding for education would create a $2 billion increase in property taxes for New Jersey residents." Christie: ‘Thank you, Governor Corzine’