Corzine camp: Christie picked a woman, but he won’t protect women’s rights

The first response from Gov. Corzine’s camp to GOP gubernatorial nominee selection of Monmouth County Sheriff Kim Guadagno as a running mate is in.

“While we applaud Christie for picking a woman, Republicans still have a top of the ticket that will not protect women’s rights in Trenton,” said Corzine’s new press secretary, Elisabeth Smith. “Whether it is refusing a woman’s right to choose, denying handgun legislation that would protect our children and keep our streets safe, or opposing paid family leave that allows mothers to take time off and attend to their newborns, this Conservative Right-Wing Republican ticket is completely out of touch with New Jersey.”

Smith was referring to Christie’s stated pro-life position. Guadagno is pro-choice.

Smith’s statement came after the New Jersey Women’s Political Caucus put out a statement praising Christie’s pick of Guadagno.

“We became acquainted with Kim Guadagno during her bid for Monmouth County Sheriff and were impressed with her business and political acumen, her intellect, and her strong resume,” said the group’s president, Hollie Gilroy. “This is a good start and we hope this is a signal that more women will be considered and nominated for statewide positions such as the newly-created lieutenant governor post. We look forward to the lieutenant governor announcements of the Corzine and Daggett campaigns.”

Most of the candidates said to be on Gov. Corzine’s shortlist for the number two spot are women. Corzine camp: Christie picked a woman, but he won’t protect women’s rights