CSEA Backs Gillibrand

ALBANY—One of New York's largest unions just endorsed Kirsten Gillibrand for election in 2010.

"Senator Gillibrand is an important ally for CSEA members and other working people," said Danny Donohue, president of CSEA, whose membership consists mostly of blue-collar state and municipal employees. "She understands the pressures that our members experience on and off the job and she has consistently worked with us. At a time when our state and nation face extraordinary challenges, we need extraordinary individuals representing New Yorkers in the U.S. Senate."

The union has about 300,000 workers around the state.

The endorsement comes amid reports that some labor leaders are concerned about Gillibrand's electoral strength. Tuesday, union leaders and some Democratic county leaders gathered in Kingston to discuss, among other things, their mixed feelings about the current 2010 ticket, of which Gillibrand is a part. One of the organizers—Brooklyn Chairman Vito Lopez—was not subtle.

The first-term senator has racked up a number of endorsements even though she won't be on the ballot for another 15 months.

CSEA Backs Gillibrand