Cuomo: ‘The Politics Doesn’t Help Me Do My Government Job’

ALBANY—Attorney General Andrew Cuomo refused to douse speculation about his rising political star, as he appeared at the Capitol to announce several wind companies have signed on to his code of conduct.

"I am the attorney general of the state of New York, I'm focused on being the attorney general of the state of New York. It a job the people elected me to do. It's a job they pay me to do. As much as I can, I stay away from the politics," he said when asked if he would rule out a primary run against David Paterson. He parried other variations of questions about running for governor–one person asked about a meeting yesterday in Kingston where labor leaders and some Democratic officials expressed "concern" about David Paterson's persistent weakness–with variations of the same.

"I really do work very hard to stay focused on what I do," Cuomo said. "And I work very hard to stay away from the politics. Why? Because in my job, I can get things done better if I'm able to work with both sides of the aisle. When I can work with Democrats and I can work with Republicans, when I'm not getting involved in the political circus. We've passed a lot of legislation, we've worked with people all across the state."

He added: "The politics doesn't help me do my government job."

I asked Cuomo about a meeting this weekend with Democratic leaders in the Capital Region.

"I routinely meet with members of the Democratic Party in different parts of the state," he replied. But politics will wait for 2010, a "political year."

And his only "political plan," he said, is to run for re-election as attorney general. Though he is not ruling out a career in professional sports–perhaps baseball or basketball.

"Maybe a power forward on a team that needs a lot of help," he said.

Cuomo: ‘The Politics Doesn’t Help Me Do My Government Job’