Cuomo: You Don’t Need Me to Determine the Ravitch Case

ALBANY—Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said a four-judge panel took a "moderate position" when it ruled that Richard Ravitch has a constricted ability to act as lieutenant governor, pending a final decision on the constitutionality of his appointment to that office by David Paterson.

"We gave our opinion, and all I know from the court action yesterday is what I read in the newspapers, and it seems like they took a moderate position," Cuomo told Fred Dicker on WGDJ Talk 1300. "This will go through the courts, Fred, as it should. I hope that it happens quickly and expeditiously."

"You have to remember, I think, that the context we were first talking about the LG, in Albany, was a practical, sort of political vis-à-vis the Senate situation, et cetera," Cuomo continued. "The way I read the judges' questions, they were on the succession issue and how do you ensure that the people elected their leadership when it comes to vacancies."

Cuomo was asked why he had time to issue a report about Wall Street bonuses, but not "defend the constitution" on this matter.

"I gave my opinion on it. It is in the courts, it is being litigated in the courts, the courts will make the decision. You don't need me to bring it to the courts," Cuomo replied. "When there's a difference between the governor, the executive and the legislative branch, I stay out of it."

He did offer an opinion on David Paterson's late-night appearance at a club.

"The way I heard it what the governor was doing was totally appropriate. He was at a party, he was celebrating somebody's birthday. He's come to birthday celebrations for me. So from the facts that I heard, I thought it was totally appropriate," Cuomo said. Cuomo: You Don’t Need Me to Determine the Ravitch Case