De Blasio Removed

Bill de Blasio was removed from the ballot for telling the city Board of Elections officials he had 131 pages of petitions, instead of the 132 pages he actually filed.

I reached out to de Blasio’s three opponents in the Democratic primary and asked if they thought he should be reinstated.

“This is not a difficult question for me to answer,” Norman Siegel said in a brief interview. “De Blasio should be on the ballot. Technicalities should not prevent a candidate from being on the ballot.”

I’ll update with responses from Eric Gioia and Mark Green when I get them.

UPDATE: Through a spokesman, Green said this morning, “This super-technical violation shouldn’t keep him off the ballot – but should lead to reforming ballot access laws.”

UPDATE: Gioia, through a spokeswoman, issued qualified support for reinstating de Blasio. “If he met all the requirements he should be put back on the ballot. Regardless, our campaign will continue to move ahead at full speed no matter what the courts decide.”

De Blasio Removed