When famous people are famously dumb

Haven’t we all, on occasion, spoken our minds quickly—only to instantly regret it? The good news for most of us is that no one’s recording these slip-ups for posterity. Not so for the famous, as evidenced by the hilarious roundup of celebrity foot-in-mouth quotations courtesy of the “Did I Say That?” column in the U.K.’s Guardian.

For each notable name—from Prince Philip to Lady Gaga—there’s a selection of whoops moments. Sometimes it’s the benefit of hindsight that makes these quips funny (“It kind of cracks me up. It is so far out of the realm of reality,” Sarah Palin said in August of 2008 when asked about the prospect of becoming a vice presidential nominee), and sometimes it’s just sheer outrageousness (“She says she’s still a virgin. If you believe that, then I’ve never questioned a call in my life,” John McEnroe said in 2000 of Anna Kournikova). But, considering the weirdness of fame and the shelter it (usually) provides, all are oddly fascinating and definitely entertaining.

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