Did You Digg It?

If the NYTimes.com most-emailed list was curated by Aunt Mabel, Digg.com’s ‘top news in all content’ list is probably generated by her 20- (or 30-) something nephew: a Twittering, iPhone wielding, card-carrying member of the Wii Generation. Here’s what this dude, we’ll call him Kevin, and the rest of Diggnation, have been Diggin’ in the past week …

The 15 Creepiest Vintage Ads Of All Time – My eyes! My eyes! From the retrocomedy.com description: “What do murder, pedophilia, suicide and a baby tiger have in common? They have all been used to sell stuff in these amazingly disturbing vintage ads!”

Why Does Bottled Water Have An Expiration Date? – It’s because of the Dirty Jez! New Jersey passed a law in 1987 that required all food products to include an expiration date of two years or less from the date of manufacture even if it’s, you know, water. The more you know …

“Shocking”: Helen Thomas slams Obama over secrecy – Wowee, Diggnation cares about the White House press corps? Weird that they’re linking to a rawstory.com piece, though … also that it was submitted by some user named “SolidUncertain.”
Daily Kos: Scientists Visit the Creation Museum – Description: “Foreign scientists are speechless at the level of inanity proudly displayed.” Comment from Digger “Hetman”: “America, where scientists come to cry. We are barbarians.” 
The Lying, Cheating Federal Reserve – A searing report from economist Howard S. Katz and a pic of Pinnochio to illustrate it? So much to love.
Four Reasons Why Women Prefer Geeks – Aww, Kevin needs a date. Digg the crap out of this one, guys. Also, fun fact in here: A survey found that 82 percent of IT “geeks” say their partners’ pleasure was the most important thing to them. Hey now. Everything’s coming up Millhouse!
Alzheimer’s Symptoms Reversed With Stem Cells – Comment from Digger “O8SERVER” (ha!): “Stem cells, ***** yeah!”
New Linux patch could circumvent Microsoft’s FAT patents – O.K., reading that headline was like listening to Charlie Brown’s parents and walking away thinking Bill Gates came up with a diet patch for his overweight workers. But actually, it’s about some kind of hack that lets developers work within a Microsoft system without paying licensing fees. Important news for Diggers.
What Does “Weeds” Use For It’s Fake Pot and Cocaine? – The New York Daily News investigates! 
Reporters Grill Gibbs Over ‘Prepackaged’ Questions – Another article on the Helen Thomas smackdown. We are yay-ing on the inside.
Did You Digg It?