DiNapoli’s Gutsy Move

The absurdities in Albany have gone beyond the outrageous. Now they’re costing towns and cities money. For example, the city has been unable to collect an extra half-cent in sales tax revenue because the State Senate hasn’t gotten around to passing required legislation. If this goes on too much longer, the city may have to reopen its budget.

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli has decided that the senators will not collect paychecks until they put asides their petty grievances. It’s just the right message to send to these egregious hacks. New Yorkers are going to suffer because of their shortsighted shenanigans. So why should taxpayers subsidize this nonsense?

Mr. DiNapoli’s actions are welcome, but once the Senate gets its act together, senators will get their back pay and their regular paychecks. In the end, they will not have suffered a great deal. If the comptroller really wants to show his disgust, he should pledge to campaign against the Senate’s leaders, regardless of party, next year.
State legislators can deal with a few missed paychecks. But an abrupt end to a lucrative part-time job? That’s too awful to contemplate. DiNapoli’s Gutsy Move