DSC to give Dwek money to charity

Responding to pressure from Governor Corzine and other Democratic leaders, the Democratic State Committee (DSC) will give the equivalent amount of money it received from Solomon Dwek earlier this decade to charity, reversing its earlier decision.

“I heard the Governor and other Democratic leaders loud and clear and we’re going to return it,” said Democratic State Chairman Joseph Cryan (D-Union), who’s also an assemblyman.

Dwek is a former real estate developer who turned state’s witness after being charged with bank fraud in 2006. He was the government’s witness who wore a wire to take down alleged money launderers and, working under an assumed name, dozens of allegedly corrupt political figures.

The DSC received $6,500 from Dwek between 2000 and 2003 – money that Cryan said was spent many election cycles ago.

Members of the Republican State Committee (RSC), which received $51,000 from Dwek between 2004 and 2005, said yesterday that the group will give back the money and criticized their Democratic counterparts for not following their lead. But the RSC plans to give the money to charity in installments, since as of July 15 the group had only $58,000 on hand.

The DSC, by contrast, has over $900,000 on hand.

“We’ll move our $6,500 right away,” said Cryan. “You shouldn’t be on a convenient partial payment plan. It’s either bad money or it isn’t.” DSC to give Dwek money to charity