Elsewhere: $36 Million


Michael Bloomberg has spent more than $36 million on his re-election this year.

Mole333 apologizes for doubting the W.F.P. would endorse Bill Thompson.

Tom Robbins says the endorsement is a big, big deal.

Readers debate the impact of the W.F.P. endorsement on Bloomberg.

Crains has more on it.

Paul Schindler looks at why same-sex marriage isn’t on the Democrats' agenda now that they’re back in control.

Urban Elephants refers to Pedro Espada and Hiram Monserrate as “two low-life Democrats.”

Ruben Diaz Sr. creates a deadlock on taxes.

The court ruling on Dick Ravitch will have to wait.

Liz Green readers debate the relevancy of labor.

Norman Siegel has a last-minute pitch for money.

Here’s video of Bill de Blasio and Mark Green mixing it up.

Cy Vance was in Washington Heights.

This blogger expands on Carolyn Maloney’s notion of a real estate time bomb ticking away.

Maloney and other primary challengers show the White House political operation isn’t what it used to be.

There’s confusion over the bag Michelle Obama was seen holding while in New York City.

And pictured above are Bill de Blasio and Eric Gioia, moments before the public-advocate debate earlier this week. Elsewhere: $36 Million