Elsewhere: A Delay for Maloney, A Deposition for Bloomberg


Carolyn Maloney isn’t declaring yet.

Is she backing off her senate run, Politico wonders.

Wayne Barrett says Al Sharpton stepped on Maloney’s campaign to help Charlie King, a friend who is consulting for Kirsten Gillibrand.

Sharpton says no, at length.

Barrett says yes.

Jose Serrano tries brokering a peace deal with Maloney and Sharpton.

Gillibrand’s public stance on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is another shift for her.

Michael Bloomberg was “dismissive and disinterested” during a three-hour deposition, according to an opposing lawyer.

Bloomberg’s company helped pay for the cost of a British official’s trip in the U.S.

A Republican blogger thinks the media is too soft on Bloomberg.

Ed Koch keeps on ticking.

In the comments section, Alex Zablocki still supports putting Bill de Blasio on the ballot.

Reader Endow thinks Bloomberg supports Sonia Sotomayor because of eminent domain.

Alice Walker seems frustrated by the candidates in the 41st City Council district.

Eric Massa and Dan Maffei are officially targeted.

A book written by Bloomberg campaign aide Andrea Batista Schlessinger doesn’t think that the Internet has necessarily made us smarter.

A former Bloomberg commissioner gets profiled.

Howard Dean is subbing for Keith Olbermann.

A fake Christine Quinn tweets.

Henry Louis Gates’ magazine covered the story of his arrest, as it turns out, with painstaking impartiality.

The ‘man cave’ will be handled by state prosecutors.

State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. said David Paterson exists under the “Peter principle.”

Assemblyman Mike Gianaris is proposing a four-day work week.

And pictured above is a flier for a forum tonight held in the Bronx by Larry Seabrook, who is in the habit of invoking Barack Obama’s name and imagery in his run for reelection.

Elsewhere: A Delay for Maloney, A Deposition for Bloomberg