Elsewhere: ‘All Pedro!’

Read Chris Smith’s profile of Pedro Espada Jr., who crows, “Same-sex marriage—as suggested by Espada! No vacancy decontrol! All Pedro!”

(If Espada brags about blocking vacancy decontrol, what does that do to Hiram Monserrate’s explanation?)

Kirsten Gillibrand will speak to N.Y.S. Young Democrats on July 7. Email your questions!

Washington Monthly calls Bill Clinton’s fund-raiser for Carolyn Maloney “a bit of a surprise.”

Hot Air doesn’t buy Clinton’s line that it’s not tantamount to an endorsement.

Blogger Andrew Carden gives the edge to Maloney over Gillibrand.

Here’s a fun photo of Maloney.

Bloomberg runs ads about mayoral control.

Bloomberg campaign ads and Wimbledon don’t mix.

Molly Kroon has a dispatch from the W.F.P. forum.

Bill de Blasio takes offense to Bloomberg’s comment about homeless shelters being more “attractive.”

Did Bloomberg soften his opposition to Muslim holidays in public schools? A.P.: “This week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke out against approving the holidays, saying it would open the door to other religious groups asking for days off. He later said he would take a closer look.”

Bill Murphy says Bloomberg is ignoring the fact that schools are improving nationwide, not just in New York.

Richard Aborn reminds us to fear the N.R.A.

Liz Green reads Adam Lisberg’s tweets (which, sometimes, are deep).

This blogger wishes we’d get back to the merits of mayoral control.

A local blogger cheers a long-shot mayoral candidate.

And pictured above is Barack Obama briefly relaxing before his weekly radio address.

Happy July 4!

Elsewhere: ‘All Pedro!’