Elsewhere: Bloomberg Hires a Commissioner, Gillibrand Hires Hatch

The Plank thinks Bill Thompson, our comptroller, should also be identified as a mayoral candidate when criticizing Michael Bloomberg.

Philissa Cramer watches Thompson and Bloomberg fight over education.

Kirsten Gillibrand hired Peter Hatch.

Legalized gambling (right off the A train!) may finally become a reality.

Gotham Gazette reports pointedly on a recent debate in Brooklyn, saying, “All but one opponent, apparent lightweight Stephen Levin, was present.”

Less drama was on display at the most recent public advocate’s debate.

The city’s new finance commissioner, as described by City Room: “a managing director at the brokerage house Morgan Stanley forced out six months ago after the company merged with its ailing rival Citigroup.”

Pol Watcher supports Simcha Felder’s plan.

Anon79 is unhappy Marty Markowitz is challenging an opponent’s petitions.

Here’s Bloomberg at a Tee Ball game at Gracie Mansion.

One of Kirsten Gillibrand’s lesser-known challengers has problems parking.

Richard Aborn and Bill de Blasio are profiled.

Even though School District 20’s Community Education Council (CEC) doesn’t legally exist, it was business as usual at the group’s meeting last week.”

Mathieu Eugene and Kendall Stewart have petition problems.

Get your pre-K seats before Friday’s deadline.

The city Parks Department is showing Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Local parents question the impact of the changes to mayoral control negotiated by the mayor and State Senate.

The audacity of hops.

John Doe is real. Elsewhere: Bloomberg Hires a Commissioner, Gillibrand Hires Hatch