Elsewhere: Bloomberg Testifies, His Office Tweets, Martinez Pleads Guilty

What will Barack Obama say tonight at the NAACP event?

A Republican blogger thinks the G.O.P. has a good shot at taking the Gillibrand seat.

Taegan Goddard picks up the chatter that Al Gore’s daughter may run for Carolyn Maloney’s congressional seat.

Not so, says a family spokesperson.

Peter Vallone Jr.’s name is mentioned as a possible replacement for Maloney also.

Board of Education member Dolores Fernandez said high school graduates are falling further behind in reading and math.

Miguel Martinez pled guilty to stealing public money, and could face 57 to 71 months in prison.

Martinez “and an unnamed co-conspirator” had access to the bank account for a group that received $163,000 in funding Martinez helped them secure from the city.

Martinez will be sentenced on October 21.

“There continues to be a very active investigation,” said Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn of the city Department of Investigation.

At the Sonia Sotomayor hearings, Chuck Schumer welcomed “two of New York's greatest public servants, Mayor Bloomberg and District Attorney Morgenthau.”

Bloomberg said Sotomayor would add geographic diversity to the court, since there already are justices from Queens and Brooklyn there now.

The mayor’s office is now on Twitter, and carries a quote from the Sotomayor hearings.

Morgenthau said she’s “uniquely qualified.”

The Washington Post has more on Morgenthau’s comments.

The eating is good on Michael Bloomberg’s campaign.

David King is watching Bloomberg’s negotiations on mayoral control.

Dennis Whalen says good-bye to the second floor in Albany.

The securities industry added 1,400 jobs to the city economy.

Dan Squadron is unhappy the F.D.I.C. is leaving Lower Manhattan.

Josh Marshall is swamped.

And here's video of Cory Booker and Adrian Fenty endorsing Bloomberg.

Elsewhere: Bloomberg Testifies, His Office Tweets, Martinez Pleads Guilty