Elsewhere: Espada Returns, Paterson Tweets

Pedro Espada is coming back, but not in a way that a Democrat would actually have to vote for him.

Daily Intel refers to him as “an unreliable and inconsistent ally.”

David Paterson’s campaign tweets: “Still w VP Biden, but hearing a Senate deal has been reached. Hopeful the Senate gets back to work today. The people’s business awaits.”

Dick Ravitch officially became lieutenant governor at Peter Luger Steakhouse.

Bill Cunningham says we could have an election this November for lieutenant governor.

Glenn Thrush notes that Michael Bloomberg will be a witness on Sonia Sotomayor’s behalf.

Amusingly, Congressional Quarterly says that the “Democratic witnesses include New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”

Jose Serrano and Nydia Velazquez are also testifying.

The White House doesn’t like New York’s rule about tenure for teachers.

Bloomberg got the endorsement of the Queens Chronicle, and told them he has more power now over schools than he did under mayoral control.

Chronicle publisher Mark Weilder told me they did not interview any other mayoral candidates. “I don’t know if there are any candidates running,” he joked. Unprompted, Weilder later added, “We originally had written editorials against overturning term limits, but always thought he was the right person for the job.” [no link]

Jarrett Murphy looks ahead to Bloomberg’s next campaign finance filing.

Sara Kugler notices Tony Avella has not dropped out yet.

Betsy Gotbaum criticized the city’s homeless policies.

So did Bill Thompson.

Reverend Bishop Mitchell Taylor endorsed Bloomberg.

Thompson was endorsed by clergy members from around the city. [added]

“[I]s the Parks Department stuffing the ballot box?”

The Plank continues the debate over Muslim holidays for public schools.

Fake David Paterson is Twittering too.

Chuck Schumer joined Twitter in November.

And here’s video of a blogger’s run-in with Espada that did not go well.

Elsewhere: Espada Returns, Paterson Tweets