Elsewhere: Fighting Thune, Challenging Schumer, Flushing Albany


Bernie Madoff inspired Jim Tedisco.

It’s Good Beer Month, proclaims Michael Bloomberg.

Why not primary Chuck Schumer?

Colin Powell and Rudy Giuliani are bringing the traffic jam from hell to Albany.

Darrel Aubertine probably has the Democratic nomination for Congress if he wants it.

Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand and Bloomberg oppose the Thune Amendment.

Reader Jso challenges Thune’s comments implying there is a causal relationship between gun laws and lower crime.

Manhattan D.A. candidate Richard Aborn wants to fight the N.R.A.

Gillibrand told a Jewish group in Westchester that “We have a significant problem with anti-Semitism here.”

Catherine Gewertz watches Thompson and Bloomberg spar over the comptroller’s latest audit.

“City Hall says graduation rates are up 15 percentage points” since Bloomberg took office.

Someone from Arizona State argues against mayoral control, citing Bloomberg.

Larry Littlefield isn’t done talking about the U.F.T. and pensions.

David Weprin met with Jews in Brooklyn yesterday.

A new parent coalition starts writing checks to candidates.

Nicole Brydson takes issue with Marty Markowitz’s assessment of the Brooklyn economy.

Bloomberg’s barrage of campaign literature isn’t as offensive to this blogger as much as the “egregious ethnic profiling” he says he’s subjected to, courtesy of FaceBook.

Mary Alice Walker takes note of the candidates who have it easy.

Dana Goldstein of American Prospect recalls the firestorm Bloomberg kicked up over a new circumcision policy.

The special election City Hall News thought might happen, is happening next month.

Ruth Messinger endorsed David Yassky.

Yassky wants to read John Liu’s Tweets.

Waterless urinals are making a splash in state office buildings.

And pictured above is Democratic State Senate Conference Leader John Sampson before a press conference on Sunday. Elsewhere: Fighting Thune, Challenging Schumer, Flushing Albany