Elsewhere: Martinez, Bloomberg, Squadron

Miguel Martinez resigned because of the investigation into a nonprofit group he funded.

The resignation is part of a deal to avoid indictment.

Martinez directed $500,000 to the group.

He’s the first Councilman implicated in the two-year-old slush fund investigation.

Here’s a web site about Martinez.

Chris Cillizza piles on Kirsten Gillibrand’s performance at the Sotomayor hearing, although he suggests her role will be a positive with most voters.

Dan Squadron got married, and isn’t expected to attend session tomorrow.

32BJ endorsed Michael Bloomberg (after voting against Thompson during the Working Families Party endorsement).

Gail Robinson finds more Bloomberg promises that weren’t not entirely kept.

274 new police recruits were sworn in by Bloomberg.

Brooklyn Eagle looks at Bloomberg’s record of placing people in jobs.

A contributor to Daily Politics agrees with Clinton and not with Bloomberg over a decision not to charge foreign countries local property taxes.

Bloomberg’s personal story provides inspiration for a business writer.

Eric Gioia was endorsed by the union representing corrections officers.

And pictured above is Miguel Martinez and Hillary Clinton, in happier times.

Elsewhere: Martinez, Bloomberg, Squadron