Elsewhere: Pushing for Board of Ed Meeting, a Life-Saving Zip Code, Real Estate Money

Jarret Murphy says Bill Thompson oversold his report on drop-out rates, but says Bloomberg politicized the issues since they’re in most of his ads.

Scott Stringer and Marty Markowitz want the Board of Education to meet before September.

City Hall spokeswoman Dawn Walker responded to the letter, saying, "We expect the governance debate in Albany to be resolved before the Board would need to meet." [no link]

A civic association leader in Queens, Bob Holden, doesn’t like Bloomberg’s support of the Cross Harbor Tunnel. Neither does Liz Crowley.

Richard Aborn calls the defeat of the Thune Amendment a “narrow victory.”

Bill Thompson’s audit of the buildings department's inspections doesn’t go over well with the administration.

Dan Cantor blogs on HuffPo about why the W.F.P. is supporting Thompson for mayor.

Readers react to David Weprin’s newfound assertiveness on the campaign trail.

“Just like they donate to John Liu, David Yassky and David Weprin — they can also donate to me,” Melinda Katz says of people in the real estate industry.

Alex Kratz follows an interesting Council race in the Bronx.

Brian Rafferty looks at the races in Queens, where one candidate’s account is already in debt.

Albert Baldeo said Glendale getting its own zip code is “a matter of life and death.”

Baldeo said his residency won’t be an issue in his Assembly race.

Freddy Ferrer was fined for taking too many in-kind contributions from 1199 SEIU in his 2005 race.

Ferrer’s fine makes it onto the AP wire.

Here’s the severance package the state is considering.

Christine Quinn was on jury duty.

Kirsten Gillibrand said her plan to introduce a moratorium on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell suspensions from the military is off the table.

This blogger says Gillibrand underestimated how tough the resistance would be.

Gillibrand is among the senators getting no respect.

Jerry Nadler brings home some bacon.

Nydia Velazquez praises, and praises, Sonia Sotomayor.

Rosemarie O’Keefe, a former Giuliani staffer, is remembered.

The former Deutsche Bank building, still a problem.

Atlantic Yards, still controversial.

For some students, cell phones help them learn.

The state offered details of a buyout package.

David Valesky says there's hope for the State Senate.

The Working Families Party named names of five Democrats who are balking on Barack Obama's proposed health care restructuring.

And here’s video of Pedro Espada with at least one news outlet he likes.

Elsewhere: Pushing for Board of Ed Meeting, a Life-Saving Zip Code, Real Estate Money