Elsewhere: Ravitch Calls the Shots, Thompson Set to Tom Petty

Dick Ravitch is in charge.

That’s because David Paterson is in Washington, which his campaign happily Tweets about.

Ezra Klein sees pandering behind Kirsten Gillibrand’s fight for the public option.

Giullermo Linares’ campaign is moving into the office of Manhattan Times, which has been out front on reporting about his race.

Bill Thompson says merit pay for teachers probably won’t work.

Liz Green and Anna Phillips have more on today’s education deal.

All of Bill de Blasio’s opponents (including Alex Zablocki!) say he should be reinstated on the ballot.

Jay Golub thinks a fear of primaries will stop Democrats from loosening ballot access rules.

Michael Bloomberg is locking up the New Jersey vote.

Bloomberg supporters in Washington Heights blog.

Amazingly, Mario Almonte says the $100 million Bloomberg pledged to spend in this race “may prove to be barely enough to take him over the top.”

Bloomberg’s girlfriend has a new job.

Bloomberg’s apology is on the wire.

More on the apology here.

The Naked Cowboy sees momentum building.

Someone please entertain Adam Lisberg.

Senate Democrats make Jen Chung laugh, and cry.

Celeste Katz models the Flip cameras given out to Daily News reporters (look out for that footage!)

Paul Rivera stopped by today’s announcement about mayoral control.

And here’s footage from Thompson’s campaign, including their endorsement from the Communications Workers Union, Assemblyman Matt Titone and Al Sharpton, to the music of Tom Petty.

Elsewhere: Ravitch Calls the Shots, Thompson Set to Tom Petty