Elsewhere: Sharpton’s Angry, Conner Explains G.O.P.

Al Sharpton, who is backing Gillibrand, hits Carolyn Maloney for using the N-word in an anecdote.

Maloney supporters say this won’t derail the campaign.

Gillibrand raises money in the Hamptons.

CNN notices David Paterson’s uptick in the polls.

Jerry Skurnik has a list of possible primaries, based on petition filings. Larry Seabrook has seven opponents.

Larry Littlefield tries refocusing the education debate.

Gail Robinson looks at the race for Manhattan D.A.

Courtney Gross eyes the legalities of Guillermo Linares replacing Miguel Martinez on the ballot.

Stuart Appelbaum talks about his endorsement of Bill Thompson, and denies he ever promised to support Bloomberg.

Ed Koch is having gallbladder surgery.

Evan Thies looks more sympathetic to Mole333 now that David Yassky isn’t endorsing him.

The Naked Cowboy is running for mayor.

Peter Pollak says New Yorkers actually favor wine sales in grocery stores.

Bob Conner says New York Republicans use Marxist ideology to defend the rich.

Lots of nominations are still pending before the State Senate.

State Senator Craig Johnson will sit on the M.T.A. Capital Review Board.

Richard Aborn leads Cy Vance in an online poll from the Daily News.

The city is curbing text messages for principals.

Doree Shafrir learns about Mos Def and Talib Kweli as children. [subscription].

Elsewhere: Sharpton’s Angry, Conner Explains G.O.P.