Elsewhere: Silver Backs Paterson, Giuliani on the G.O.P., Gatemouth on Thompson

Rudy Giuliani said “The only way I can get elected governor is the way I got elected mayor—things have to be so bad.”

But he said the city’s economy is doing well.

Sheldon Silver may have David Paterson’s back.

Fernando Ferrer is on NY1 tonight.

Hiram Monserrate goes to trial on September 14 (one day before the primaries!).

The Staten Island Advance editorial board is offended that David Weprin advocated too much for Staten Islanders.

Gatemouth writes, “Those hoping to make a statement by casting a quixotic protest vote for a candidate who can’t win should do so in the most effective manner possible: by voting for Bill Thompson.”

Budget officials are anticipating $145 million next year from video slots at the Aqueduct Race Track.

An Albany Project Blogger calls the Democratic field to replace John McHugh “uninspiring.”

Another conservative is keeping himself in the mix for that race.

Medicare turned 44.

Lost City likes Tony Avella.

Avella is “a principled liberal,” says Urban Elephants.

Avella attacks Thompson, on Gotham Schools.

Arthur Gregory’s petitions are being challenged by a Peter Gleason supporter.

Alan Gerson was kicked off the ballot because his petitions were “not presented to the board in accordance with the rules,” an election spokesperson said.

The Queens Chronicle doesn’t like the current ballot access rules.

Michael Bloomberg welcomed 193 volunteers from a federally funded program.

Reader Charles UES says the term-limits issue is old.

A Melinda Katz supporter flips to John Liu.

Candidates for Eric Gioia’s seat all have plans for boosting affordable housing.

Roberto Perez posted audio of his interview with Eric Ulrich.

Michael Calderone watches the network wait for the beer summit.

Elsewhere: Silver Backs Paterson, Giuliani on the  G.O.P., Gatemouth on Thompson