Elsewhere: Weiner Sells Obamacare, Sharpton and Bloomberg Endorse

Al Sharpton is endorsing Bill Thompson tomorrow [no link].

Michael Bloomberg’s comments about the State Senate get noticed.

Liz Green has more on that.

Bloomberg’s first endorsement of 2009 is for Democrat Paul Vallone. Queens Republicans are not happy.

Hillary Clinton resists the idea that she’s been marginalized.

Nydia Velazquez gets encouragement on health care.

Kirsten Gillibrand legislates for fruit farmers.

Rudy Giuliani is a strong contender for governor, says CQpolitics.

Anthony Weiner takes on health care, in his own unique way.

Weiner says that overall, New York businesses whose taxes will go up under the House version of the Obama health care plan will more than make up for it in cost savings.

Pedro Espada inspires a vandal.

Here’s Obama’s remarks from the NAACP.

The Tehran Times carries news about Obama and Sotomayor.

Jake Tapper sometimes uses the phone instead of Twitter.

From now on, says Joe Trippi, when he writes nice things about politicians (like Carolyn Maloney) who are paying him, he will disclose that they are paying him.

There are still some Times employees who haven’t had their memoirs excerpted in the magazine.

And Bloomberg ordered a pizza with onions on it. After a few bites, he ate it with a knife and fork.

Elsewhere: Weiner Sells Obamacare, Sharpton and Bloomberg Endorse