Endorsements! A Union for Bloomberg, a Kennedy for Vance

There’s been a deluge of endorsement announcements today that well-meaning flacks are (constantly) reminding me of. Here are a few:

Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund endorsed Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for re-election. This comes just days before Representative Carolyn Maloney is expected to enter the race.

Robert Kennedy Jr. endorsed Cy Vance for Manhattan D.A. They entered the Manhattan D.A.’s office at the same time and are personal friends, Vance aides note.

Michael Bloomberg was endorsed by 32BJ, a large private-sector union and his first union endorsement since the labor-backed Working Families Party went for rival Bill Thompson.

To counter, Thompson announced he was endorsed by CSEA, whose president said Thompson “will be a mayor for all New Yorkers.”

Eric Gioia, who’s running for public advocate, was endorsed by the union representing corrections officers. His brother-in-law is a corrections officer on Rikers Island.

Another candidate in the race, Bill de Blasio, announced today he racked up 100 endorsements.

Deirdre Feerick, who is running for Gioia’s Council seat, was endorsed by the Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens, over openly gay candidate Jimmy Van Bramer. Supporters say Feerick is better on the issues and has experience providing results. Critics say the club backs party regulars at the expense of emerging gay leaders, citing the endorsement last year of Liz Crowley – who opposes same-sex marriage – over Charles Ober, who is gay.

Endorsements! A Union for Bloomberg, a Kennedy for Vance