Espada Files

ALBANY—I wrote a story Friday noting that Pedro Espada had once again missed a filing deadline with the state Board of Elections, but he denied as much to me in an interview.

His attorney, Daniel Pagano, wrote this weekend to call the story "incorrect" and offered to send along the filing, as well as several others for a different Espada-related entity that were filed this week. The above PDF is what he sent.

Time stamps in the filings indicate they were submitted on Saturday, July 18. The deadline was July 15.

Espada has been consistently inconsistent in complying with campaign finance disclosure laws.

As far as what the filings actually show, Espada has raised $159,400 since taking office in January, and has a little more that $158,000 in the account of his now-principal campaign committee, New Yorkers for Espada.

In the last six months—a period marked by Espada rising from a pariah within his conference to its majority leader—he served as chairman of the Housing Committee and took a course of inaction largely favored by landlords.

Among the contributions listed on the filing were:

— $5,000 from the Affordable Housing PAC

— $5,000 from the Neighborhood Preservation PAC

— $5,000 from the Real Estate Board PAC

— $1,000 from REBNY chairman Bill Rudin and $2,500 from his brother, Jack, who runs their family's management company.

— $1,000 from the Realtors PAC

— $1,000 from the Katz Realty Group

— $1,000 from Omni Housing Development

Espada claimed last week in an interview on New York NOW that his campaign was largely self-financed. A review of several reports that Pagano said Espada also sent to the elections board shows that he loaned his campaign $133,663.96 since June of last year. His wife also donated around $3,000 to the effort. The reports also show payments to Carlos and Eddie Baez, who claimed they worked on his campaign and were surprised when another Espada entity filed statements claiming there was "no activity" during the last election cycle.

Espada Files