Filing in, getting set for Obama

HOLMDEL – Essex County Executivve Joe DiVincenzo just led a contingent of county political brass into the PNC Bank Center: DiVincenzo, Jr.and other recognizable North Ward acolytes, including state Sen. Teresa Ruiz (D-Newark), accompanied by Essex County Democratic Party Chairman Phil Thigpen.

Moments later, someone goes down, evidently in the excessive heat.

Twoguerney bearers walk briskly past with a woman getting oxygen stretched out on top and they're out of here as more people crammed into acone of VIPSand press people start squirming as they grow more and more impatientabout gaining access.

Senate President Richard Codey (D-Roseland) arrives, goes into an immediate hardcore hand clutch and cheek-to-cheekembrace of Newark Mayor Booker.

There was a panic-strickencry out ofEssex County this morning forGov. Jon Corzine's allies to prevail onPresident Barack Obama to urgeCodey to join the ticket as Corzine's running mate.

"Absolutely not,"says Codeywhen asked if he would consider LG – if asked in the right way – confirming what sources close to him have routinely explained as his interest in governor or U.S. senator only, nothing less at this pointof an aging career.

"I've got to support my governor and his decision," says South Ward Coucilman Oscar James, Jr. when the question about who Corzine should select as lieutenant governor lands in a close quarters blink and you miss it interview.

A veteranCBS reporter reads from his Blackberry White House press pool report about Obama's helo crew: all women; and at about ten to three that veryhelicopter buzzes over the PNC Bank air space and when the DJ screams to the crowd, "I guess you know who that is" – they go berserk.

Filing in, getting set for Obama