Firefighters for Snyder

Leslie Crocker Snyder was endorsed for Manhattan district attorney by the Uniformed Firefighers Association at an event just now on the City Hall steps.

Snyder “displayed a tremendous sense of equality and also has kept the city of New York safe for 35 years both as a prosecutor and as a judge,” the group’s president, Steve Cassidy, said.

At the event, Snyder was asked if she agreed with the outgoing district attorney’s decision not to prosecute the city in connection to the construction at the former Deutsche Bank building, where two firemen were killed last year.

“I can’t comment on that,” said Snyder, who added that she was not familiar with all the details of the case.

When I asked Cassidy what were the most important legal issues facing firemen, Cassidy said, “There are many issues that affect fire fighters. We’ve had the Deutsche Bank tragedy. We’ve had the World Trade Center.”

Firefighters for Snyder