Fulop calls for no confidence vote on Vega

Anyone who appreciates political drama may want to visit Jersey City on Wednesday, when Ward E Councilman Steven Fulop plans to introduce a resolution calling for a vote of no confidence on arrested City Council President Mariano Vega.

“While Mariano Vega deserves his day in court, the sheer scale and widespread nature of the allegations is an outrage to the people of our city. Vega’s every vote going forward will be tainted on the council,” said Fulop.

In light of the federal corruption charges against Vega and many other city politicos – all of which involve Solomon Dwek, a FBI witness who posed as a real estate developer looking for preferential treatment – Fulop also wants to introduce a resolution opening the tax abatement negotiation committee to the public. That committee is chaired by Vega.

The council’s response will be the interesting part. All except Fulop, who has built a reputation as a good government reformer, ran with Vega on the slate of Team Healy in May. Meanwhile, Mayor Jerramiah Healy faces his own share of controversy after acknowledging that he is “JC Official 4,” who the FBI says met twice with Dwek and three indicted city officials earlier this year. Healy was not arrested. Fulop calls for no confidence vote on Vega