Gay Politics and Rival Clubs in Queens

So, one more thing about the Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens endorsing a straight City Council candidate, Deirdre Feerick, over an openly gay candidate, Jimmy van Bramer.

A reader, Jon Winkleman, has video from when van Bramer spoke to the club and sought their endorsement. At around the 8:00 mark, he was asked about his attempts to start a rival political club in the area that many took as a slight to LGDCQ.

“I know that that incident hurt some folks and got some folks angry and I certainly regret that now,” van Bramer said. He went on to tell them that if could do it over again, he would have done things “differently.”

(Paul Schindler has more about van Bramer’s rival political club.)

So Queen in Queens may have been onto something after all.

Gay Politics and Rival Clubs in Queens