Gloucester County Republicans again call on Lucas to drop out

*Update: the racial epithet a 2006 Greenwich Township police report says Lucas yelled at a neighbor accounts for the "aditional information."

Gloucester County Republicans are trying to force 3rd District Assembly candidate Lee Lucas from the race over his controversial statements.

Newly elected Gloucester County Republican Chairman Bill Fey, citing “additional information” he’s learned about Lucas, put out a statement today reiterating his call for him to drop out.

Fey said that all of the county’s Republican leaders joined him in the call.

“I do understand it is an unusual step to ask a member of your own party to drop out of a race but Mr. Lucas presents an unusual set of circumstances,” said Fey. “His shameful statements were enough for our entire leadership team to call on Lucas to drop out of this race. Additional information has recently been brought to my attention that makes it impossible for us to support Mr. Lucas being anywhere on the ballot under any party’s banner.”

Lucas squeaked out an upset victory in the June 2nd primary, in which he and Robert Villare beat the establishment-backed Arthur Marchand and George Shivery.

Fey called for Lucas to drop out of the race in a letter to the Gloucester County Times last month. Gloucester County Republicans again call on Lucas to drop out