GOP poll has Christie up by 15 points

The Republican Governors Association has released a poll showing former U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie running fifteen points ahead of the Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine. The poll, conducted Monday and Tuesday for the RGA by Basswood Research, is the one referenced in a Star-Ledger story today that says that Barack Obama's campaign appearance in New Jersey next week will have "virtually no impact on the governor's race."

The poll of 600 likely general election voters was conducted July 6-7 by Basswood Research (margin of error = +/- 4%):

Q: If the election for governor was held today, and the candidates were Jon Corzine, the Democrat, and Chris Christie, the Republican, for whom would you vote?

A: Christie 47.8%
Corzine 33.0%
Undecided 19.2%

Q: President Obama will be coming to New Jersey to campaign for Jon Corzine's reelection. Would you say that this presidential visit makes you more likely to vote for Jon Corzine, less likely to vote for Jon Corzine, or it doesn't make a difference to your vote one way or the other?

A: More likely 8.3%
Less likely 18.3%
No Difference 71.3%
Refused 2.0%

Q: Would you agree or disagree with the following statement? "My views on President Obama's job performance have nothing to do with how I will vote in this year's New Jersey governor's race between Jon Corzine and Chris Christie."

A: Agree 78.8%
Disagree 15.2%
Refused 6.0%

GOP poll has Christie up by 15 points