Hoboken Democratic Committee to Cammarano: leave

Thepush to dislodge Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano from office continued today,asthe executive committee of the Hoboken Democratic Party unanimously called on the mayorto resign.

Chaired by Assemblyman Ruben Ramos (D-Hoboken), the committee asked Cammarano to leave"for the good of the Democratic Party, and the good of the people of Hoboken whom Mayor Cammarano has sworn to serve."

Thefeds have charged Cammarano,in office for less than a month, with taking cash bribes totaling $25,000.

According to a release, local Democratswill convene a special meeting of the party at 8 p.m.on Monday, August 10, at Willie McBride's, 616 Grand Street,to adopt a formal resolution calling for Cammarano's resignation.

If he resigns before then,the meeting will be cancelled.

In addition to Gov. Jon Corzine, who lives in Hoboken, Council President Dawn Zimmer, Councilman Ravi Bhalla, Councilwoman Beth Masonand Councilman Dave Mello have all asked Cammarano to leave.

Hoboken Democratic Committee to Cammarano: leave