In Bridgehampton’s Big Polo Tourney, Shirts are More Dazzling Than Celebs

A white Rolls Royce was meandering down the long dirty road to the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge on Saturday, July 18, ruining whatever wash it had most likely just received. 

It was the inaugural game of the event, which will be held for seven weeks on Saturday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Bridgehampton. The VIP tent was sectioned off by a small white fence that paralyzed the Transom, who peeked tentatively over to see that PC Peterson from the infamous television reality show NYC Prep had a cast on his right arm—though he of course could still somehow hold a drink in it. Barron Hilton was right by his side. Model and star player Nacho Figueras briefly stood by the Ralph Lauren tent with his wife before joining them. The crowd also included actor Chace Crawford, former Viewster Star Jones and Howard Stern‘s lady love, Beth Ostrosky.

One guy refused to order a cocktail called “Pink Polo” because “my shirt is actually salmon-colored, thank you very much!” Men strolling the grounds were all dressed similarly: khaki pants or shorts and a polo shirt in a bright color. Yellow, pink, purple, green, red … our eyes hurt.

Hours later, Mr. Figueras was spotted at a house party in Watermill, standing outside talking to his thirsty conferes, who were drinking glasses of Sangria and smoking one cigarette after another, before melting into the crowd. “What a great game that was earlier!” said one. Did he play? “Next year. I need to get my rest, but until then, cheers!”

And cheers to you, big fella!

In Bridgehampton’s Big Polo Tourney, Shirts are More Dazzling Than Celebs