Kasparian says Suarez should resign

Bergen County Democratic Chairman Michael Kasparian says he has asked Ridgefield Mayor Anthony Suarez to resign, and wants Bergen County GOP Chairman Robert Yudin to tell a Republican mayor under indictment to do the same.

"I called Anthony Saurez over the weekend to suggest that he resign his office as Mayor of Ridgefield effective immediately. Although he has not been found guilty of any crime, I believe that these charges are serious enough to warrant the Mayor's undivided attention and as such will greatly diminish his ability to serve his community," Kasparian said. "Regrettably, these charges will also cast doubt upon future actions until they are successfully defended."

I make this request with great sorrow for the Mayor and his family, but recognize that maintenance and respect for the publics' trust is greater than any single one of us. To that end, I ask that my Republican counterpart call for the immediate resignation of indicted Carlstadt Mayor William Roseman which he has yet to do," Kasparian said. Kasparian says Suarez should resign