Key Cammarano supporter leaves transition team

HOBOKEN -A self described "true believer" during Peter Cammarano's run for mayor, who stood with the candidate in front of City Hall to defend him against deadbeat dad charges, today at noon left the mayor's transition team.

"I wish him the best possible outcome," said Jason Maurer, a young veteran of Wall Street who worked hard to get Cammarano elected, particularly among younger voters.

"We got into this to help deliver better government, but Idon't know how this group can continue given the events of the past week," he told

In office for less than a month, Mayor Cammaranowascharged in federal court on Thursday with taking $25,000 in cash bribes.

"After today, a substantial amount of thetransition team leadership will have stepped down."added Maurer, who describedthe shoulder-to-shoulder impassionedsupport for Cammarano during the then-candidate's runas"a haunting image."

"We supported him for all the right reasons," said Maurer."The people standing behind him wanted a better city and that's why i pulled that gaggle of people around you -to show that passion."

Maurer said the transition team was doing excellent, excitingwork, but he can't continue given the charges against the 32-year old mayor.

Despite calls from the city council for him to resign, Cammarano said Friday he does not intend to step down. Protesters gathered outside his brownstone on Saturday afternoon. Another protest is scheduled for this evening in front of City Hall.

"Imet with him this morning and told him I was leaving the transition team" said Maurer, who stopped short ofadding hisvoice to the chorus of those who say Cammarano should leave office now.

"We can demonstrate through this action how we feel," Maurer said.

Key Cammarano supporter leaves transition team