Klein Outraises Everyone, Espada Tells an Untruth About Filing

ALBANY—State Senator Jeff Klein raised more money in the last six months than any other member of his chamber.

Klein's filing shows that the deputy majority leader raised $638,564, and has $866,984 in the bank. That's more than President Pro Tempore Malcolm Smith, who raised $575,835; Republican Leader Dean Skelos, who raised $256,022; Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson, who raised $105,223; and Senator Carl Kruger, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, who raised $541,510.

It's unclear whether Klein outraised Senator Pedro Espada Jr., the newly named majority leader. Espada continued his long tradition of not submitting the required campaign filings (sources also tell me that General Francisco Franco is still dead), despite increased scrutiny. I checked New Yorkers for Espada, the committee the senator said last month would be the entity of record.

Espada lied to me when I asked him about this the other day.

"We filed on time. We filed. John Feliciano is the treasurer; he assured me that he has a timely and impeccable filing," Espada said.

No, I replied, it's not on the web and the Board of Elections says you did not, in fact, file.

"It was filed, absolutely was filed," Espada replied.

"I called the board and they said we had a grace period," Feliciano told me by phone a few minutes ago. "We're done. Everything is there. It's on the ledger that they provide. I want to make sure that everything is correct and I'll just hit the button."

He said he'd call back when the report was filed.

Klein Outraises Everyone, Espada Tells an Untruth About Filing