Love Beads for Ang Lee: Hippie Spirit Celebrated at Taking Woodstock Premiere

The thunder rolled and the rain poured down, but the stars were out at Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema on the Lower East Side on Wednesday, July 29, for the premiere of director Ang Lee’s latest movie, Taking Woodstock, about the germinal (and very muddy) hippie concert that celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

Flowers were offered on arrival, an idea that obviously pleased actor Emile Hirsch as he waved one around while telling the Transom: “Making the movie was incredible. You got to see, feel and touch what Woodstock meant to people, and Ang Lee is just the master of his craft, everything he touches turns to gold.”  Wearing a Nirvana T-shirt and beanie hat, Mr. Hirsch said: “I was never a hippie, more a rock-y.”

Others were proud to don the flower-child mantle. “I’m still a hippie! I really believe in the spirit of it,” said designer Anna Sui.

“I’m a hippie at heart,” said model Lily Donaldson.

Vogue editor Anna Wintour seemed eager to avoid the bad weather, dashing inside dressed in a cream trench coat, followed quickly by actress Claire Danes, who defied both storm and general Woodstock get-up, opting for a cobalt-blue dress and silver slingbacks.

“The film brings a sense of optimism, community, diversity and acceptance,” actor Liev Schreiber told the Transom. “My parents were hippies and I spent some time in a commune, so I’m not pining for Woodstock to come back, but I am pining for the innocence it all had. Even if everything smelled of soy beans.”



Love Beads for Ang Lee: Hippie Spirit Celebrated at Taking Woodstock Premiere